Millard Childcare and Preschool Omaha
Millard Childcare and Preschool Omaha
Millard Childcare and Preschool Omaha
Infants (6 weeks to 18 months): Infant 1 & Infant 2
spaceVisual Stimulation - bright colors, interesting shapes to
spaceSocial Interaction - playing and sharing with other children
spaceMotor Skills & Muscle Development - building with blocks,
spacecatching and throwing, shape sorting
spaceLanguage Development - interaction with teachers and
spaceother children, signing, sign language
spaceExploring their Senses - touch, smell, taste, and hearing
spaceTrust In Adults - relationship with caregivers
Toddler (18 months to 3 years): Toddler 1 & Toddler 2
spaceSocial Interaction - playing and sharing with other spacechildren
spaceGaining Independence - teaching and allowing
spacechildren to do things on their own, with help if
spaceLearn to Explore and Experiment - discovering things spacein their environment and thinking about how they work
spaceLearn to Deal with Emotions and Frustration - hitting, spacebiting, and throwing
spaceFine Motor Skills - puzzles and blocks
spaceUnderstanding Quantity & Counting - 1 block, two spacedolls, three books, ect.
spaceExploring Senses - tasting, feeling, smelling, and spacehearing objects in their environment
spaceLanguage and Development - understating the most spacesimple sentences spoken to them, learning to speak spacein three-to-five word sentences and carry on simple spaceconversations. Sign language – words and songs.
School age (5 years to 12 years):
Before and After & Summer Care

spaceBefore and After Care - Transportation to and from local schools. Organized play, exploring
spacecreative arts, assistance with completing school projects
spaceSummer Care - Organized group activities, outdoor play, field trips
Preschool (3 years to 5 years): Preschool & Pre-K
spaceColors & Shapes - recognizes and names all
spacecolors and shapes
spaceNumbers - recognizes 0 to 20, uses numerals 0 to space20 in counting, compare quantities to determine spacemore or less, identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter
spaceLanguage - experiments with writing
spaceindependently, pretends to read, listens and
spaceresponds to literature being read, recognizes all spaceletters, recognizes first and last name and can
spacewrite it, follows simple directions
spaceConcepts - understand big and little, long and
spaceshort, understand up and down, in and out,
spaceunderstand hot and cold, night and day
spaceMotor Skills - able to run and jump, able to throw a spaceball, able to clap hands, build with blocks,
spacecomplete simple puzzles, draw and color
spaceSocial Emotional Development - knows home
spaceaddress and phone number, plays and shares
spacewith other children, puts toys away and helps with spacechores, able to work independently
Our Programs

Various experiences will be provided within each individual age group to promote development and school-readiness.
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